Monday, November 5, 2012

Hide and Seek!!!'

This lovely blog is brought to you by none other than myself and my awesome rewatch friend Bobcat!! We are chatting away and watching my fave episode of season 1 Hide and Seek!!! Super Rodney!! So here we go

Hide and Seek
Rodney talking to these mice like they are besties is classic McKay!!
Carson and all the medical technobabble is totally hot just sayin!
Irresistible urge to run on a small wheel, I don't know about that!
John throwing Rodney off the balcony like they are little kids I love it! They had sooo much fun filming this you can tell!
"I shot him! In the leg" I think John took too much joy in being able to shoot Mckay!!
And so begins the journey of McKay and the over-protective turtle!!
Can we take a moment to recognize the awesomeness of that which is the opening title segment?! Its Amazing!!
Carson and Grodin naming Rodney and his SuperTurtle!! Captain Untouchable? That's the best you come up with? Really?
What Rodney cant eat?! What are we going to do for a plot now?! I see this being a destructive relationship between these two!
Learn to trust Teyla sooner rather than later I'm just sayin!
Rodney doesn't want to take it off according to everyone else? Can you not hear from his whining he wants to stuff his face?!
Oh Lord scary stories with Sheppard! John trying to explain hockey is priceless!!
Yeah I really don't think you scared the kids Shep!
Halling and Jinto scene what else could be more perfect?! Oh wait Halling telling Jinto to shut up... yep just topped it!
Yay /team bonding!!! Don't talk about one sport then another, it confuses chicks! Especially chicks of the Athosian race!
"Did I mention how much I like Ferris wheels?" No Shep I think you failed to mention that.
Jinto and the other kid playing is so cute!!
Run Halling Run! As fast as your crutches will take you!
Jinto where are you?
and here comes the B Plot!
Jinto come out! We love you and we're not mad at you
Oh snap now we gotta get the Ghost Hunters International team over to Atlantis!
"I never used to until I fount out about a thing called a Wraith that can suck the life out of you with their hands. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" Favourite McKay line!
See didn't I tell you to trust Teyla? I told you she knows what the crap shes talking about!! Jeez its like a bad slasher film!
Oh here we go lets pray to the Ancients that DIED 10,000 years ago!
"If you are angry we have inhabited this city we will leave" *camera pans to Atlantis team* Umm we don't know him... We can stay right?!
And McKay stealing the scene!
"I passed out from manly hunger." "Dr, Weir, McKays ok he...he fainted" Best Dialogue of the night right there!!
I tell ya that turtle has got to have some of those lithium energizer batteries or something that is one bright turtle!
Ok introducing the giant ink blob! "Don't mind me just passing through I'm going to eat some of your people excuse me I dont want to eat you just yet, ok thanks I'll be on my way and you can carry on thank you! NomNomNom!"
McKay back in action with power bar in hand!
Grodin looking heroic with half of a robot stuck to his ear he has com unit 1.0 there
Laziness to the max here people."Heh I don't feel like moving these boxes now so lets put them in this closet no one will know." Good on ya mate!
Yay Jinto is saved!!
Ancient Pacman?!! Yes please!!! "I hope we aren't making this thing mad." Well sweetheart I hate to break it to ya but yes you are.
Ford and random guy locked in a hallway by the blob, nope cant go this way, what you wanna go that way nope cant go there either come to me I will eat you nomnomnom!!
Ford is smokin!! Hot that is lol!!
I don't like that Sheppard hesitated on the line " Dr. Beckett says you will be back to,,, pretty boy in no time" I don't know.
Observation? I really don't think this thing is ascended, just an observation of mine.
Important update coming to you from the great city of Atlantis...SuperTurtle is still alive!!
Since when does mice traps emit energy?
Oh no SuperTurtle is dead whatever will we do now?!
Mckay is killing me with all the eating within like 2 mins!
Why does Shep gotta deal with the blob?
Oh the Jaws reference Good goin writers!
The blob's like "Oh HELL naw!! You ain't puttin me back in that thang! Peace out suckas!!"
Omg Teyla you might be right!! Why didn't we listen to you before?! WHAT?!! REALLY?!!
Oh no McKay!! SuperTurtle will protect you!!! Go save the day show them why you re really there!!
Wow I wonder what that would look like of you've been smoking the Atlantis Hash?! lol jk
Run down the stairs heroically John like you did all the work!! There ya go!
Grodin cradle the head there ya go make him feel all better!!
"That was a Hail Mary" There ya go!
I love my followers old and new. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I love to write it for everyone!! Stay blessed and Stay beautiful!!
Beckettfan AKA Kimberlee!
And Bobcat Thanks for helping get my thoughts together for this one and the next one!! You rock!!


Robert Atchley said...

You're Welcome Kimberlee! Okay next one that one is going to be a tough one. No spoilers to anyone I'll just say I didn't really like most of the characters coming up. But as for Hide and Seek of course no one listened to the hot chick from the other planet who knows more than they do til towards the end. As for Super Turtle, where can I get one of those things? Rodney hook a brother up man!